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Infiray Mate MAH50

Infiray Mate MAH50


The new Infiray Mate MAH50 is a thermal imaging clip on attachment which delivers incredible performance from the all new 640x512 12 micron thermal core, making it the perfect solution for those who wish to retain their normal day scope and quickly attach the clip on to convert to a thermal riflescope.

The Infiray Mate MAH50 thermal add on is ultra lightweight and features a detection range of up to 2600m with 1 MOA precision for accuracy to target, even at long range on higher magnification up to 10x.

The magnesium alloy housing reduces the weight by 50% and improves precision. 

MATE supports practical functions, including removable buttons, LRF, and monocular extension as optional extras.

It is ideal for users who require a compact and lightweight thermal add on solution, as it represents a 20% weight saving over most alternatives.

Powerful Thermal Detector

The MAH50 features a high-performance 640x512, 12 micron detector with NETD less than 25mK

Ultra Precision Zeroing

MAH50 can meet the high precision requirement of "POI=1MOA" even when used on high calibre rifles.

Monocular for Hand Held Observation

MAH50 will function as a thermal imaging monocular when used with the IOM (monocular) accessory.

Optional Laser Rangefinder Module 

A LRF (Laser Range Finder) can be purchased as an optional accessory.

In addition to facilitating accuracy with a laser rangefinder, the LRF extension can work as a power bank to prolong the Mate thermal 4-hour battery life.

Includes Cover Ring Adaptor

Everything you need to attach to all popular sizes of riflescope objective.

1 - 2 Months
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