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Virtus Eagle � 30Cal � 140GR

Virtus Eagle � 30Cal � 140GR


This is the flagship of the hunting line of projectiles by Virtus Precision. This projectile is unlike any other solid copper monolithic bullet design on the market. The projectile is designed to fragment at very low impact velocities and will break up at three equal parts at impact velocities as low as 760feet per second.

The Eagle line of projectiles are currently being used by a small number of Scottish game keepers with stunning results in regards to accuracy and terminal performance. The bullet provides the most humane kill possible by any solid copper projectile on the market.

This projectile is recommended for those who seek maximum terminal performance. All Virtus Precision bullets have been designed to accommodate a wide variety of twist rates in any given calibre.

Benefits of the Virtus Precision Eagle projectiles:

  • Guaranteed accuracy in the recommended twist rates at normal muzzle velocities
  • The most stable projectile currently from Virtus Precision Ltd
  • Guaranteed terminal performance at low impact velocities
  • Very low ricochet hazard after impact due to the design
  • Tested by a variety of experienced game keepers and deer stalkers in the UK
  • No need to change the point of aim on the animal to aid terminal performance
  • The muzzle velocities of all firearms can be lowered causing far less stress on the weapon. Due to less pressure, barrels will last longer
  • Can be used as a varmint style bullet.
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