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Virtus Merlin � 6mm � 70GR

Virtus Merlin � 6mm � 70GR


The Virtus Merlin line of copper monolithic projectiles has similar characteristics compared to the Virtus Eagle line. This bullet has been developed for a higher ballistic co-efficient in mind resulting in better retained velocity and energy over a longer distance. This bullet will also have less wind drift at extended ranges compared to the Virtus Eagle line of bullets.

Compared to the same weight class of other well-known projectile manufactures, it is second to none with far better terminal performance due to the unique design. It has been created to engage live quarry at extended ethical distances within the prescribed impact velocities.

Most lead projectiles will have good terminal performance at 1800fps impact velocity and higher. Some of the premium lead projectile will perform from even 1600fps impact velocities but have the current issue of contaminating the carcass of any live quarry with lead. Tests for terminal performance have shown that the Virtus Merlin projectile will still preform exceptionally well at impact velocities as low as 1500 feet per second making it very attractive as a non-lead alternative.

Benefits of the Virtus Precision Merlin projectiles:

  • Guaranteed accuracy in the recommended twist rates at normal muzzle velocities
  • High ballistic co-efficient making it the ideal bullet for extended ranges above 1500fps impact velocity for guaranteed terminal performance
  • Trailed and tested by British deer stalkers and an ex-special forces sniper
  • Low ricochet hazard after impact velocity above 1500fps as it is, like the Virtus Eagle, designed to break up into three parts
  • No need to change the point of aim on live quarry to get the best terminal performance
  • The projectile can be used at lower muzzle velocities and therefore less pressure on equipment like rifle barrels causing it to last longer
  • Devastating performance all round from a non-lead copper monolithic projectile.
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